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Philip Press is known for having a way with platinum. The creator of one of Hollywood's most sought-after collections of platinum jewelry, Philip Press is a renowned master platinumsmith, leading diamond and gemstone expert, and preeminent jewelry designer. Press has bejeweled a multitude of celebrities, Miss Universe, Miss USA, and even royalty, for a wide variety of high-profile events, including the Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmy awards. His exquisite platinum designs appear frequently at various bridal, fashion, charity and luxury events alongside other leading brands and artists. Press has established himself as the designer of choice for stars, mogul couples and other discerning jewelry aficionados, as well as the betrothed.

Press' platinum masterpieces have been featured in countless fashion, bridal and entertainment media such as InStyle, Town & Country, Vogue, People, Us, Los Angeles Magazine, Angeleno, Modern Bride and Lucky, along with local and national outlets such as the The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Business Journal, Fox-LA, The Fine Living Channel and E! He is widely recognized in his trade as noted in feature articles in Rapport, Couture Jeweler, Modern Jeweler, Jewelers' Circular Keystone and other publications. Press is often quoted in the media, including The Wall Street Journal, as a leading expert in designing and handcrafting platinum jewelry.

He is credited with fueling the popularity of Art Deco-style platinum jewelry, especially engagement rings, and being at the forefront of the platinum jewelry trend. Press has been commissioned to design and make many notable pieces, including a 17-carat platinum engagement ring for a celebrity couple; a 45-carat diamond and platinum necklace for the wife of a prominent business leader; a 33-carat fancy yellow diamond necklace for a finance mogul's wife; and cufflinks engraved with the new Los Angeles Police Department headquarters building for retiring Chief Bratton. He also created honorary platinum medals for the Canadian ice skaters who were stripped of their Olympic gold medals after the controversy in the 2002 Olympics.

Press' obsession for platinum began at age 15, when he apprenticed alongside a European master jeweler. At a young age, Press learned about everything from polishing and hand engraving to making filigree, ornamental lace-like work in platinum. His mentor's attention to detail, such as using dental floss to polish a small surface, led to his own quest for perfection in his pieces. The exposure gave Press a strong appreciation for the incomparable quality of platinum and for the design elements of the French Art Deco period, which he interprets with a modern trend-setting perspective in his designs. Over the years, his obsession and knowledge blossomed. This creative designer traveled the world from Brazil to Belgium to Israel to Africa, educating himself firsthand in the nuances of diamonds and colored stones, and sourcing the very best gems for his platinum collection.

As a master platinumsmith, he has worked with The Platinum Guild International in educating the public and the trade about the beauty and durability of this premium metal and lectures on the technical aspects of working in platinum. Philip Press speaks about platinum, diamonds and jewelry trends at various events throughout the country.

In his free time, Press is an avid sportsman and helps the Easton Sports Development Foundation with special community development projects. He is also an ardent Ducati motorcyclist. In addition, throughout the year he hosts and participates in numerous charity events to benefit various causes, including the Los Angeles Police Foundation.